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Increases Profits Bulids Customer Loyalty Provides Audit-Ready Reporting Increases Security Boosts Staff Productivity
  • Players can redeem or use credits directly at machines
  • Players can transfer credits between machines
  • Players can use credits at a later visit
  • Significantly reduces physical cash requirements
  • Reports estimated GLC Deposit
  • Minimizes Clerk Redemption Errors
  • Titan VIP Gift Cards only work at YOUR store
  • Tracks Game Replays
  • No personal information required
  • Only YOU can see your entire cash flow; clerks can only view their shift report
  • Disable or enable bill acceptor and card reader from behind the counter


I have nothing but good things to say about [Titan]. It has made my life a lot easier.
The Titan System has saved me hours in accounting time and made it easier for me to stay compliant with the Lottery’s guidelines.
Citgo, Citgo